HR Controlling Reporting and Analysis Manager

CV gegevens

  • Plaats: Zoetermeer
  • Laatste update CV: 14-11-2019
  • Branche: Financieel en Accountancy, Advies en Consultancy, Directie en Management
  • Werkniveau: Universitair
  • Werkervaring: Meer dan 10 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Vast contract, Detachering/Interim
  • Rijbewijs: Ja
  • Leeftijd: 57 (24-10-1962)
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Bachelor's Degree of Commerce, Accounting Branch

Gewenste functie

Reporting / analytic Director

Persoonlijke motivatie

Keep doing things the same way and, yes for sure, you will get the same results. To achieve breakthrough results you need me, I can and will make that difference.

I believe that a successful mission and great achievement must go through the stages: attitudes, awareness, choices, changes and finally, achieving results.

I deliver value to the organization and people by enabling strong partnerships and overcome boundaries. I ensure commitments are clear and I initiate and drive courageous decisions. Creating business opportunities and cutting out any inefficiencies are my daily paths to deliver a high-performance output. With my ability to engage and align, I enjoy bringing people to their next goals and aspirations, building a true management knowledge culture for the company.

My ambition is to strengthen the execution of the strategy of an international organization. Striving to be a trusted advisor thru the commitment of my financial and Human Resource managing & mentoring expertise. Focusing on sustainable growth, striving for a high quality of business information to enhance decision-making for the future.
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